Conference Theme of IS-2011
2010-9-15 17:06:33

Conference Theme

The IS-2011 Conference on Balancing Sugar and Energy Production in  Developing Countries: Sustainable Technologies and Marketing strategies   will focus on the following aspects related to Sugar crop and their integrated industries:

·   New and emerging technologies to enhance sugar and energy production from sugar crops and to protect the environment, experience from BMP in developed countries, mechanization of small farms; 

·   Conventional and biotechnological approaches in improving and protecting (from pests and diseases), sugar crops, their diversified products, and organic sugar;

·   Carbon, energy and water footprints in sugar crops production, processing and value addition, resource & energy management in sugar industry, climate change and crop productivity, CDM;  

·   Sugar crops based integrated industries, optimal utilization of sugar crops value chain, bio-fuels; 

·   Socio-economic initiatives to restructure cane development programs, logistics, marketing and infrastructural facilities in sugar industry, MIS and training needs; technology transfer and empowering small planters to adopt new technologies; 

·   Sugar-energy matrix in developing countries: challenges, barriers, trade opportunities, sustainability issues, prospects for sugar refining, key drivers of the world sugar economy, WTO and national policies impacting sugar business.

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