Sugar Production in 2008/2009 milling season in China
2009-7-31 16:06:04

In 2008/2009 milling season, 12.4312 million tons of sugar were produced in China, of which cane sugar and beet sugar is 11.5299 million tons and 901,300 tons, respectively. Compared with last milling season, cane sugar production reduced 15.7% and beet sugar decreased by 22.4%.

As the largest sugarcane producer in China, Guangxi Province produced 7.63 million tons of sugar in 2008/2009 milling season1.742 million tons less than that of 2007/2008 milling season (9.372 million tons) with the decreasing rate of 18.6%. However, it still accounts for 61.4% of the total sugar production in China. The main reason of sugar production decrease in Gungxi was the snow and frozen disaster in southern China during January and February in 2008 resulting in serious damage to sugarcane growth. Yunnan Province and Guangdong Province produced 2.2352 million tons of sugar (3.35% higher than that in last milling seasonand 1.0587 million tons of sugar (27.1% less than that in last milling season), respectively.

By the end of May of 2009, 639,500 tons of sugar had been imported, and 26,000 tons of sugar exported.
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