Report on the International Workshop on Technologies for Sugar Crops Improvement and Special Meeting of IAPSIT for the International Conference IS-2008 (Egypt)
2008-1-31 10:24:00

The International Workshop on Technologies for Sugar Crops Improvement and Special Meeting of IAPSIT for the International Conference IS-2008 (Egypt) was organized at Beihai, P.R. China on 7-8 Dec, 2007. It was attended by 15 participants form China, USA, Egypt, India and Bangladesh. The meeting started with a welcome speech by Dr. S. Solomon, Secretary-IAPSIT. Dr. Prof Yang-Rui Li, President of IAPSIT addressed the gathering especially highlighting the major activities of IAPSIT in 2007. He emphasized the need for active participation of each members of IAPSIT to achieve its goals in making cane growers and sugar industry of developing countries moving towards self-reliance with better and improved technologies. He stressed on organizing more workshops and meetings through IAPSIT in developing countries on different aspects of sugar crops agriculture, processing and diversification. Prof. Li also discussed current scenario of global sugar production and apprised the audience about sugar production in China in futuristic need of sugar industry. Dr. Qi-zan Tang presented a detailed report of Micro Irrigation Workshop held in Nanning, China. Dr. S. Solomon, Secretary IS-2008, briefly apprised about the progress in preparation of IS-2008 to be held in Al Arish, Egypt. The special invitee to this meeting Prof. Mahmud I. Nasr, President and Coordinator of IS-2008 from Egypt, presented a detailed account of IS-2008. He apprised about the topics, conference schedule, venue, facilities, registration package, accommodation facilities, technical information, international advisory committee, organizing committee, etc. Every participant showed great interest in the progress and preparation of IS-2008 especially when the first circular of the Conference was officially  released by Prof. Yang-Rui Li, President of IAPSIT. Prof. Nasr also brought an Official Agreement letter for holding the IS 2008 in Al Arish, Egypt and handed over to Prof. Li, the President of IAPSIT.

In the post-lunch session, the progress of publications of Sugar Tech and IAPSIT Newsletter was discussed by Dr. G.P Rao and he informed the house that Springer will co-publish Sugar Tech from 2008. This significant development was appreciated by all the participants and it was requested that some excellent research papers be sent for publication in Sugar Tech in the forthcoming issues. This new venture will definitely upgrade standard and popularity of Sugar Tech among the readers and contributors all around the world. Most of the participants suggested improving the matter and other informative news columns in IAPSIT Newsletter by providing more relevant and recent information from sugarcane, sugar beet, sugar crops, bio-fuels and by-products of sugar industry. A separate discussion was held on regular updating of the IAPSIT website by putting all the regular activities of website including member information. Dr. Solomon discussed the GLOVISION Foundation proposal focusing on the vision, mission, objectives, activities, structure and constitution of the GLOVISION. The basic mandate of GLOVISION is to impart a pro-nature, pro-poor and pro-women orientation to a job-led socio-economic growth strategy in rural areas of developing countries through harnessing science & technology for environmentally sustainable and socially equitable development. The registration possibility of GLOVISION was also discussed. Prof Li informed that it is very difficult to register a Foundation in China and suggested that a revised draft to be prepared focusing on sugar crops and it should become a part of IAPSIT.

Prof Li in his concluding remarks stated that it is a matter of great achievement for IAPSIT to organize the IS-2008 in Egypt. He ensured of maximum participation from China in IS-2008. He also encouraged improving the quality of IAPSIT publications i.e., Sugar Tech and IAPSIT newsletter and emphasized the need for regularly organizing national and international workshops, training course and seminars on sugar technology, factory processing, pollutants and environmental awareness for strengthening the activities and objectives of IAPSIT. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the secretary.




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