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Executive Committee




President:                Dr. Y.-R. Li, P.R. China

Vice-President:       Mr. J.S. Gawander, Fiji

Secretary:               Dr. S. Solomon, India


International Members:


Dr. K. F. Ng Kee Kwong                              Mauritius;

Dr. T. S. G. Lee                                             Brazil

Ariel Domingo Arencibia Rodríguez
,    Cuba

Dr. Y.-B. Pan                                                  USA;

Dr. P. Weerathaworn                                    Thailand

Dr. R. C. Magarey                                          Australia

Dr. Raffaella Rossetto,                                 Brazil

Dr. Nguyen Duc Quang                                Vietnam

Mr. Leon M. Arceo                                        Philippines

Mr Charles Ngetich                            Kenya

Dr. Piergiorgio Stevanato                           Italy

Mr.Sayad Mansour                                       Iran

Dr. G.P. Rao (Publication Editor)               India

Mr. Q.-Z. Tang (Joint Secretary)                China

Prof. Li-Tao Yang(Treasurer)                    China


Members from China 

Prof. Hong He, Vice President of GXAAS

Prof. Feng-Xue Fang, Director of Guangxi Sugarcane Research Institute, GXAAS

Prof. Yuan-Hong Fan, Vice-President of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS)

Prof. Wei-Dong Sun, Guangxi University, Nanning, China

Prof. Qi-Wei Li, Director of Guangzhou Sugarcane and Sugar Research Institute.

Prof. Gui Geng, Sugar Beet Research Institute, CAAS, China

Prof. Yue-Bin Zhang, Sugarcane Research Institute, YAAS, China

Prof.Shu-Zhen Zhang, Tropical Biotechnology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences ,China        

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